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Best george foreman electric grill review

GrillBBQClub Team
  May 16, 2022 9:27 PM

George Foreman is a famous electric grill brand that has been established and developed strongly for more than a decade.

The innovative grills from George Foreman are equipped with unique grease removal technology, providing excellent food quality and safety. Moreover, it is also the best suggestion for durability with a luxurious and elegant design.

There are many versions of this grill on the market. Although they all come from the same brand, each distributor will bring different features and sizes depending on the consumer market. 

To find the suitable models of your favorite grills, you need to look closely at their overall look, cleanability, capacity, and durability.

We offer you a collection of the best George Foreman electric grill review to help you define the product features more clearly. Now, let’s check it out!

The Best George Foreman Electric Grill Reviews Of 2022

The options below are all loved by consumers. They receive rave reviews on popular websites, social networks, and e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

#1. George Foreman GFO201R - Best for Outdoors

George Foreman GFO201R (link)

Product highlights

If you are looking for a grill for your outdoor party, then the George Foreman 12 is not to be missed. The kitchen has an impressive two-part structure, the grill part, and the pillar leg.

The 240-inch grill comes with a premium non-stick coating that ensures safe, hygienic servings of more than 12 servings. The built-in pillar has a corresponding height to support the user's cooking process. 

Not only does it make a strong impression with its solid design, but George Foreman 12 also leaves a deep memory for customers by various features. The ability to cook food quickly with precisely controlled heat levels through different settings.

Sustainability is also the ideal highlight of this versatile grill. Depending on your frequency of use and care routine, you can operate them for about 4 - 5 years.

The most significant limitation of products you should consider is their ability to clean. You will have to spend a lot of time on this job.

You can watch this video for details about the product:

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  • Suitable for outdoor parties

  • Easy to operate

  • Reliability

  • Impressive food cooking time

  • Temperature control


  • Difficult to clean

#2. George Foreman GGR50B - Best for Temperature Control

George Foreman GGR50B (link)

Product highlights

The temperature control feature in an electric grill is a requirement to ensure your safety during operation, and at the same time to bring a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes.

Nominated for this feature, we present to you the George Foreman GGR50B series. The appliance has impressive temperature control thanks to its innovative probe with five different heat modes allowing it to complete all your demanding menus.

This versatile electric stove makes it easy to clean quickly because of its simple and convenient design. The kitchen is composed of 2 separate parts, the grill, and the pillar. They can be flexible to serve your travel and cleaning needs.

Digging deeper into serving sizes, the George Foreman GGR50B features a 240-inch wide grill that allows you to do meals with a large number of members, from 7 to 8 people. The grill surface of the production equipment with advanced non-stick features helps to ensure your safety during the baking process.

The most outstanding advantage of this intelligent electric stove is its durability. They are made from reputable metal materials with standard manufacturing processes, giving you a long service life.

On average, you can maintain the product for about 4-5 years. If you are a person who is careful and properly cleans them, this number can be more significant.

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  • Ability to control the temperature

  • It's easy to move

  • Simple cleaning

  • Lasting

  • Reasonable price


  • Power consumption

#3. George Foreman 5 - Best for Flexibility

George Foreman 5 (link)

Product highlights

Before making final judgments about the product, we have conducted many different surveys and interviews to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of our customers. Surprisingly, up to 80% of customers feel a headache about the arrangement of electric grills and tight kitchen space. 

To solve this problem, we present to you the George Foreman 5. This grill has a compact, flexible body that allows you to operate efficiently and comfortably in your beloved kitchen. On the other hand, it helps you preserve and store faster.

Not only making a solid impression on appearance, but George Foreman 5 also creates many surprises for users with exclusive features. 

The device is attached to a high-class grill, covered with an exclusive non-stick coating to make your dishes safer and more healthy. 

The product's smart baking technology eliminates excess fat to provide balanced meals for you and your family.

The 42% inclined baking surface develops this technology. The baking dish of the stove is completely removable for convenient cleaning and storage.

The ideal feature of this smart grill is its durability. You can maintain and operate it for about 3 - 4 years, depending on your frequency of use and care procedures. To own this unique kitchen, you only need to spend about $ 55.26. 

Comparing the value and features you get from the product, we think it's reasonable and practical. Therefore, you should not worry about this issue.

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  • Flexible, lightweight

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy operation

  • Lasting

  • Reasonable price


  • Poor temperature control

#4. George Foreman 9 - Best for Design

George Foreman 9 (link)

Product highlights

With the naked eye, we can see the similarities in George Foreman 5 and 9. However, if you take a closer look, you will see the difference and uniqueness in the operating model of George Foreman 9. 

It has a patented impressive ramp design for cooking delicious, healthy meals.

The sloping surface helps remove 42% of the fat during cooking, ensuring safety for consumers' health. The griddle's George Tough non-stick coating lets you wipe clean immediately after cooking.

Combined with that is the drip tray system with just the right size to store excess oil and grease and make your cooking process more hygienic and clean.

The most notable feature in George Foreman 9 is controlling the optimal temperature. An integrated indicator light system is to help users quickly identify and use.

The heat emits and spreads evenly over the grill, so your food cooks evenly and deeply. Very quickly, after only a few minutes, you have the dishes you like.

In terms of price, the cost to own this versatile kitchen is not too high. Compared to the features it brings, this price is suitable, and there is nothing to complain about. However, their durability is really to blame. The product use time is relatively low and not as desired by the user.

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  • Impressive slope design

  • Easy cleaning

  • Good temperature control

  • Simple operation

  • Safety for the user


  • Unstable

#5. George Foreman GR340FB - Best for Performance

George Foreman GR340FB (link)

Product highlights

We care about the performance of each electric rice cooker because it is the leading factor to help you have delicious, fast, and nutritious meals. 

The perfect nominee for this category is the George Foreman GR340FB, from design, durability, cooking time to perfection.

In terms of design, George Foreman GR340FB possesses a square appearance with a tilted grill surface system that removes up to 42% of excess fat during cooking. The attached drip tray at the end of the grill surface captures excess grease and ensures your kitchen stays clean and hygienic.

Temporarily setting aside the advantages of design, durability is the next aspect I want to emphasize. The device is made from high-quality plastic to optimize your mobility while providing the level of durability that corresponds to your needs.

The most memorable thing about this friendly kitchen is cooking food quickly. The heat control feature is fully equipped in the kitchen to help users adjust to their favorite dishes.

But the thing we don't like the most about this stove is its storage capacity. It is not a reasonable choice for families with about 8-10 members.

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  • Impressive performance

  • Perfect food cooking time

  • Impressive design

  • Allows the removal of excess fat

  • Long-lasting durability


  • Not for use by large families

Buying Guides


To make it easier for you to choose, we've rounded up and answered some of the most frequently asked questions people ask. 

1. Is the George Foreman grill worth it?

George Foreman is worth it for you. With a flexible design and a variety of innovative features, it will make you satisfied and more. On the other hand, it is also quite simple to access and operate.

2. How many different George Foreman grills are there?

There are a total of 4 types of George Foreman grills on the market today: Basic grill, advanced grill, high-end grill, and outdoor/indoor grill. 

Basic grills tend to be smaller than versions of the same collection, intended for serving small families.

3. Which is the newest George Foreman Grill?

Some of the new grills include:

  • George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press

  • George Foreman GR340FB 4-Serving Classic Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press

  • George Foreman Select-a-Temp Smokeless Grill - GRV6090B.


We hope to help you soon choose the right product for your needs through the information about the best George Foreman electric grill reviews above. 

The George Foreman grill is a product category you cannot miss because its features are extremely good and practical to your life. Enjoy the information in our collection, and don't forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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